Ask for Glen at Sunshine Taxi
To request Glen call: (970) 245-8294

Glen at Sunshine Taxi! 

He will give you the attention and personal service you expect from your driver.
  • Non-Smoking - Glen is a non smoker so you can count on your sunshine taxi not being filled with smoke and ash when you step in.

  • On Time - Glen understands the importance of your schedule. Call Glen at Sunshine Taxi in Grand Junction to schedule your pick-up time and feel confident he will be there.

  • Honest - Knows Grand Junction and the surrounding areas like the back of his hand, Glen knows the shortest and fastest rount anywhere. You will be Glen's passanger, but he won't take you for a ride.

  • Safe - An outstanding driving record you would expect from a professional driver. Glen will get you where you need to go safely.
Need a taxi in Grand Junction Colorado? Need to be picked up from the Walker Field Airport? Glen at Sunshine Taxi in Grand Junction CO is only one of many drivers in Grand Junction but your taxi service with Glen at the wheel is a different experience entirely.

Most people expect their Sunshine Taxi to be on time, clean, and professional. You can schedule your pickup from the Walkerfield Airport, your home, the train station, your doctor appointment, anywhere!

Sunshine Taxi in Grand Junction is the largest taxi service in Grand Junction, Fruita, Clifton, Palisade, Colburn and Delta Colorado. Sunshine Taxi will pick you up, and drop you off in comfort and safety, just be sure to ask for Glen to make sure you are treated with integrity, get a smoke-free car, and be delivered on time. Glen at Sunshine Taxi in Grand Junction CO takes his profession very seriously.

Perhaps your new to Grand Junction and you need to know where the local hot spots are, Glen can tell you. Perhaps you need to know the best place to get dinner near your hotel? Glen at Sunshine Taxi in Grand Junction can tell you. 
Don't trust just anyone to get you there on time, you should call Sunshine Taxi in Grand Junction CO and be sure to ask for Glen for exceptional service.